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SubjectRe: GNU/Linux
Richard Stallman wrote:
> But instead of that, I recommend a more general rule that people
> should be civil, no matter what the topic is, and never abuse or
> personally attack any other participant.

But instead of continuing this stupid thread, I recommend a more
general approach to the "naming-of-linux" problem.

How about we all choose a favorite linux-hero (*), and name Linux
after that person? The rule is that a linux-distribution CD (like Red
Hat or SuSE) should contain code from that person.

From now on I'll be using REW/Linux, AC/Linux and DSM/Linux.

Personally I'll refrain from using RMS/Linux and GNU/Linux from now
on, just because RMS has pushed the issue too far.


(*) Feel free to choose "yourself" if you've contributed kernel code or
an application.

** ** ** +31-15-2137555 **
*-- BitWizard writes Linux device drivers for any device you may have! --*
------ Microsoft SELLS you Windows, Linux GIVES you the whole house ------

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