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SubjectRe: `Out of memory for cc1' in linux-2.2.4
>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen C Tweedie <> writes:

Russell> I ran this at various times during the configure (which I
Russell> have found to trigger these messages), both before and after
Russell> the messages appeared (but probably not during). They all
Russell> appeared as follows:

Russell> ...

Russell> Not sure what that means.

Stephen> It means that I am completely at a loss to work out where
Stephen> your shm ptes are coming from. Are you aware of _any_ use of
Stephen> shared memory prior to the fault occurring?

I am not aware of any use of shared memory. All I know for sure is
that I am configuring clisp. What precisely is going on during that
procedure, I am not sure.

You can get the tarball and try it yourself at:


Russell Senior

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