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SubjectRe: /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes

On Mon, 5 Apr 1999, Alex Buell wrote:

> On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Chris Ricker wrote:
> > Furthermore, don't you think you're being just a tad bit petulant?
> > It's in RPM because the author (Stephen Tweedie, I think) chose to do
> > it that way. "He who writes the code gets to make the rules." It's
> > not like he posted it in rot-13, uuencoded, and then binhex4 or
> > something absurd like that--rpm is a fairly standard Linux file
> > format, particularly given that he's a RH employee.
> I have to grumble about things like this because there are many of us who
> don't use RedHat and wouldn't know what RPM is or even *WANT* to use it!
> Furthermore, essential files that are meant to be part of Linux shouldn't
> be distributed in a format proprietary to RedHat. It's fine if they use
> RPM on their distributions but DO NOT LOCK the rest of us OUT! I have a
> number of bitches about RedHat too but this isn't the place or the time
> for these (take it to slashdot =)

I don't use RedHat, and I may not care for RPM, but having to type 1 extra
command to convert an RPM into a format of my choosing is not a big deal.
Also, RPM isn't exactly proprietary to RedHat - there are other
distributions using it, and its under the GPL. I fail to see how anyone is
being "locked out".

Andrew Kieschnick

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