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SubjectRe: GNU/Linux
>>>>> "Larry" == Larry McVoy <> writes:

RMS> : If this thread is annoying, please imagine what it is
RMS> like to see an : idealistic project stymied and made
RMS> ineffective, because people don't : usually give it the
RMS> credit for what it has done. If you're an : idealist like
RMS> me, that can ruin your whole decade.

Larry> I was once reminded, as I was pointing out for the Nth time
Larry> that I was the guy that dreamed up 100Mbit ethernet, that
Larry> claiming credit only makes one look foolish and greedy.
Larry> Seems appropriate here.

Seems totally inappropriate. I haven't seen a posting yet where RMS
claims he should get personal credit.
The question is to what extent parasites like Microsoft should be parasites
off the public system, or should be granted any rights at all.
Noam Chomsky

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