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SubjectRe: bforget and protected buffers
On Tue, 27 Apr 1999, Chuck Lever wrote:

>see the buffer_busy macro defined later in fs/buffer.c for use by
>try_to_free_buffers(). this will prevent protected ramdisk buffers from
>being reclaimed, although they can still appear on the free list if
>someone decides to add bforget() calls to the ramdisk logic... presumably
>if ramdisk decides to bforget a buffer, it doesn't care about it's
>now, if you add this to bforget():
> buf->b_state = 0;
>that defeats the buffer_busy check in try_to_free_buffers(), so maybe the
>check should be made explicitly in bforget() if you add this line.

Even if you don't add the buf->b_state = 0 by hand in bforgot, you'll get
b_state set to 0 by getblk a bit after.

Andrea Arcangeli

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