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SubjectRe: WAY OT--Crisis...virus! Need help
    From: Michal Jaegermann <>

Somehow nobody mentioned that on there is a credible
utility for an automatic guessing of lost partition tables. It is
called gpart<something-or-another>.

I think also that Gordon Chaffee had also another one on his web page
(, I believe).

Thanks! So we now have 3 utilities.
At very first sight (looking at the source) Michail Brzitwa's gpart looks best.
However, it is very slow (took a quarter of an hour on the first disk I tried)
and gave zero output in my case.
Gordon Chaffee's fixdisktable is fast, and gave the wrong answer after only
a few seconds.
The thingy I wrote yesterday evening is the most limited (no support for
all these filesystems recognized by gpart and fixdisktable), but is the
fastest, and, not surprising, gives the right answer for my disks.
Probably some merging would produce something that improves on each of these.


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