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    SubjectRe: 2.2.6_andrea2.bz2


    I just build your andrea3 on a low memory machine, it will not work well.
    Launched Netscape, clicked a link that opened up a second browser window,
    segfault, kernel oops.

    48MB machine. I would try to do some oops tracing but I really need this
    machine up right now for some other work I am doing and I have had enough
    trouble trying to get the filesystem put back together after two of the
    above described events (completely reproducable).

    If I can get back around to it this week I will try to provide you with
    more information. As for last night's compile failure ... got no idea what
    that was about ... I completely deleted my tree and reinstalled the linux
    tree and your patch and it compiled without complaint.

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