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SubjectRe: Poor smbfs performance - 2.2.6
"David B. Rees" wrote:
> The read/write performance to the mounted filesystems is _very_ slow.
> Write performance is about 40KB/s (thats KBytes), and read performance is about
> 1-200KB/s.
> When not communicating over a mounted smbfs, such as NFS, SMB, FTP, etc, I get
> normal transfer speeds. These machines are on a quiet LAN.
> Another oddity: smbclient performs at normal speeds to the other Linux/Samba
> box, but smbclient to the Win95 box results is horrid write performance
> (~10-15KB/s) but much better read performance (600KB/s). Yet both mounted fs's
> perform close to the same!
> Samba is version 2.0.3 on both Linux machines, as well as smbmount.
> Any ideas?
> -Dave

Well, if you are mounting shares which live on the Win95 machine, you
might want to consider enabling the Win95 Bug Workaround in the kernel.
If, however, you are *not* mounting shares exported by Win95
(specifically Win95), i.e., shares on an NT server or on another OS or
Linux, then make sure you *don't* have the Bug Workaround enabled. I
don't have Win95 anymore (Thank you God!), but still run NT, so can't
really tell you how well the Workaround works.

BTW, what do you use to test the performance?

Matthew Vanecek
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