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    SubjectRe: [replace-alexv-buffer.c-patch] Re: [PATCH] Several bad bugs in fs/*

    On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

    > >> Starting from the second run of the loop bh is == bhnext. But bhnext is
    > >> been moved from the dirty list to the clean list while we was sleeping in
    > >> wait_on_buffer(). So without my patch we could continue browsing the clean
    > >> list instead of continue to browse the dirty list.
    > >
    > >Andrea, look what will happen if lru_list[nlist]->b_list!=nlist. You will
    > >not get to the end of the inner loop - it will just spin. I'll try to look
    > But lru_list[nlist]->b_list is always == nlist, otherwise the buffer
    > pointed by lru_list[nlist] wouldn't be there ;).

    What the... Wait a bit. How and when can ->b_list become *not*
    corrsponding to the list where the buffer sits, anyway?
    AFAICS assumptions being:
    a) we have unbound buffer heads (no ->b_data, no nothing) on a
    single-linked list.
    b) the rest is organized into cyclic lists, with heads in free_list[] and
    c) bh belongs to the list referenced from free_list[] <=> it is
    unhashed <=> ->b_dev==B_FREE. Choice of list is controlled by ->b_size.
    All such bh's should have ->b_count == 0.
    d) the rest lives on lru_list[]-referenced lists. All of them are hashed
    and all buffers for given device should have the same size. I.e. nothing
    should call bread() before the set_blocksize() completes and nothing
    should keep any pointers to bh across the set_blocksize(). Since
    set_blocksize() is used only in mount/umount those assumptions seem to be
    safe (and the patch I've posted fixes the last violation of the second
    requirement (in fat_read_super())). For buffers of that class we have
    ->b_list containg the number of list.
    e) Any bh on the clean list has !buffer_locked(bh) && !buffer_dirty(bh)

    Ooops! I can see why md.c and raid[15].c may want to set BH_Lock
    bit in irregular way, but WTF is so special about ide-tape.c that it
    wants to do it?

    Another question - wouldn't it be nice if we'ld add moving to the
    LOCKED list in the end of lock_buffer()? That (modulo raid, md and
    ide-tape) would give us
    f) Every bh with buffer_locked(bh) belongs to locked list.
    AFAICS that would seriously simplify fs/buffer.c.

    Disclaimer: I'm really going down now, so I could miss something very

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