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Subjectgenerating mouse clicks

Hi all,
This is in regard to my previous query on generating mouse clicks
"programatically" (i guess i have used the term right).Thanks to all you
people for the reply.As directed, i tried to look into the source code of
imwheel.But i am unable to find where exactly the code generates the
I would frame the question differently.
1)What are the data structures that are used to store the events generated
by the mouse?
2)in what format are they stored?
3)what are the functions avaliable for accessing them(the events
4)is it possible to write into them.Then one can just override the mouse
and generate a click by just writing into the apropriate data structure
and allow the kernel to read it like a real event.

If i am sounding too vauge, let me also throw some light on the scenario
where it can be applied.Imagine a gesture driven device.I have a black
box(software) that translates hand motion into standard event like drag,
move and click.(The image is grabbed realtime through a camera).Now the
output of this blackbox is to fed to a program that will "click" whenever
the user gestures a "click".We are working on such a device and badly need
help on this issue.Is a lot of kernel level tampering to be done?

Any further help will be greately appreciated(a complete program is also
welcome :-) ).
Thank you for your time.

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