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Subject[OT] Re: Missing members?
> In article <cistron.Pine.GSO.4.10.9904221707570.5654-100000@eos30>,
> <> wrote:
> >Alan is away in Iceland (why, I don't know - penguin spotting, I suppose)
> Oh dear. Someone better mail/fax/phone him that penguins don't live in
> the Northern hemisphere. But polar bears do ...

Whaddya mean 'Penguins don't live in the Northern Hemisphere' - What about
Opus? What about Sparky? What about the (now retired) penguins from 'Mr.
Popper's Penguins'? (yes, I know that the last we saw of them they boarded
a ship with Admiral Byrd back to Antartica, but like all retirees, they
seem to have ultimately ended up in Florida...)..And have you forgotten
about all the Prisoners of Penguin Conscience in Central Park in New
York.... geez... we have hemispherism rearing its ugly head here.....

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