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SubjectRe: Linux Tuning.

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Greg Lindahl wrote:

@>> PS. I had this idea when I noticed that precious 256 bytes are wasted for
@>> modprobe path and wanted to make it tunable...
@>This is an excellent example of something that's not worth tuning.
@>-- g

Admitedly, 256 bytes is a bit of nothing, but people trying to cram
linux into extreme small memory machines, perhaps for embedded applications
are interested in reducing any unneeded memory consumption. The linux-lite
people might have different ideas about tuning, than someone with a fat
router. Whatever the 'linux tuning' project results in, I hope at its core,
it creates _information_; what can you do, and what it means, and why.
Once the information is gathered, you can package it up in different
ways, according to various biases.


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