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SubjectRe: smbfs problem with 2.2.5
Urban Widmark wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Markus Fischer wrote:
> > This thread (like all the others about smbfs/samba before)
> > looks like dead now. It's not. Just workaround made us
> > fall asleep ! Using the df --sync ist quit a good fix,
> > but it's more than dirty..
> >
> > I really hope that this issue gets fixed :(
> >
> On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, I wrote:
> > I'll leave something open when I go home tonight and see if it happens
> > again. It never happens during my normal, daily use, which includes the
> > occacional mount of somthing from the SP1 machine.
> I'll follow up on my own post. I could not make the problem happen, does
> anyone have a way of repeating the problem? For me it was just this one
> time ...
> It sounds like it happens more often for you? Have you tried Michael H.
> Warfield's advice and enabled SMBFS_DEBUG in smbmount.c ?
> (from the samba distribution, 2.0.3 being the latest.)
> /Urban

Pretty much depends on how you log into the SMB share. Evidently there
is still a bug in the password caching. Generally, on my 2.0.3 samba, I
use the following command line:

smbmount //winnt/myshare <password> -c 'mount winnt'

And it works. Haven't seen it crash on 2.2.6 or 2.2.5, unless I reboot
the NT box w/o first unmounting the share (is there a workaround for
that, btw? NT boxes tend to reboot more than Linux boxes, and it would
be nice if Linux could auto-unmount the share if the NT box is
down/smbmount fails to reconnect).

The problems seem to arise when you enter the password at the password
prompt instead of on the command line. I haven't tested extensively
having the PASSWD environment variable set, but that is supposed to be
stable, also.

For the above command line, there is supposed to be a scripting methond
for expunging the password from .bash_history, and smbmount munges the
password all on its own when you run ps on it...

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