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SubjectRE: Wierd IDE configuration
	> > hda: IBM-DTTA-351010, 9671MB w/466kB Cache, CHS=1232/255/63,
> > hdb: IBM-DTTA-351680, 16124MB w/462kB Cache, CHS=2055/255/63,
> > hdc: IBM-DTTA-351680, 16124MB w/462kB Cache, CHS=32760/16/63,

Maybe I'm getting over-confident here, but it seems like this could also be
explained by probe_cmos_for_drives(). The setup.S code reads the BIOS FDP
table data for the first two drives only, so it will have older-style (loads
of heads, fewer cylinders) numbers for hda and hdb. On the other hand,
subsequent drives can only be found via the more modern methods in

A couple of tests you could do:
- if hdc has been formatted by a non-Linux program, see if fdisk complains
about its partitioning (BIOS format not matching drive format)
- swap hda and hdc. My guess is that the two 16GB drives will appear
identical, and that the 10GB drive will appear to have about 19630

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Nick Brown, Strasbourg, France (Nick(dot)Brown(at)coe(dot)fr)

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