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SubjectRe: Linux Tuning.
> 1. Add a kernel config section called "Kernel Tuning" nicely grouped into
> categories (with a huge "Misc" one) and very detailed "Help" section
> explaining each parameter, contraints, dependencies on other parameters
> etc. (dependencies shouldn't be automatic because it will probably never
> work and only confuse normal humans).

It would be good to characterize parameters as:

1) Things that can be dynamically adjusted at runtime
2) Things that are compiled into the kernel

Naturally, as many things should be moved into (1) as possible, and
the items remaining in (2) ought to be easy to configure. For example,
process rlimit defaults should be in (1). Today rlimit defaults are
in (2), and are hard to find. Max open files per process and max
processes today require not only a kernel rebuild but rebuilding
user-level software.

> PS. I had this idea when I noticed that precious 256 bytes are wasted for
> modprobe path and wanted to make it tunable...

This is an excellent example of something that's not worth tuning.

-- g

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