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SubjectRe: Kernel newbie finds "infelicity", if not bug, in IDE[-PROBE].C ?
BROWN Nick wrote:
> I rebooted (this is all on 2.0.36, but bear with me, the problem still seems
> to be there in 2.2.1 at least) and paid close attention to the messages.
> When the IDE driver started, it said
> hda: WDC AC23200L, 3098MB w/256kB Cache, CHS=1023/130/63, UDMA
> Previously, this has been
> hda: WDC AC23200L, 3098MB w/256kB Cache, CHS=787/128/63, UDMA
> - Mark Lord's comment before probe_cmos_for_drives():
> <snip>
> * Of course, there is no guarantee that either drive is actually on the
> * "primary" IDE interface, but we don't bother trying to sort that out
> here.

That "probe_cmos_for_drives()" fragment is one of the few
surviving bits from Linus's original hd.c driver.

Nowadays (in 2.3.xx) we could/should just trash it.

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