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SubjectRe: forking (fwd)
On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Victor J. Orlikowski wrote:

> Well, there are FAQs on the matter but.....
> Check the process limit in bash. Do you have a limit set?
> (Hint: ulimit -a to check all limits in bash).
> I assume you don't.

nope, i dont. but root isn't running THAT many processes from the process
list..that's what confuses me. last night i got this..
Apr 20 03:00:01 cygnus CRON[20155]: (CRON) error (can't vfork)
Apr 20 03:00:01 cygnus CRON[20156]: (CRON) error (can't vfork)
Apr 20 03:00:01 cygnus CRON[20162]: (CRON) error (can't vfork)
Apr 20 03:00:01 cygnus CRON[20163]: (CRON) error (can't vfork)

is there a way to check the actual current number of processes for the


Anthony J. Biacco Network Administrator/Engineer Intergrafix Internet Services

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today"

> Thus, you're running out of user processes. The max defined by default is
> 512 in include/linux/tasks.h (limited to 250 or so per user). What you
> then must do is edit tasks.h and change this default. However, the max
> that can be defined for x86 on linux is 4092 (4090 if you have APM
> compiled in). Thus, change this number, and recompile the kernel.
> However, this leads me to an interesting question of the list: What is the
> maximum number of processes available on other architectures?
> Victor
> --
> Victor Orlikowski

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