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SubjectRe: Limit of 6 IDE interfaces?
Dan Hollis wrote:
> Is it possible, with any combination of hardware in the entire world,
> to run more than 6 ide channels in a system. And if not, is it a
> limitation of the ide driver or a limitation of PC architecture.

Yes it is possible.
But the current kernels have a driver limit of 6.
It is easy to increase this limit,I by adding more major
numbers (each IDE interface (drive pair) requires a major number).

Create the new majors: IDE6_MAJOR, IDE7_MAJOR, .. as many as needed.
Then just grep for all occurances of the existing IDE5_MAJOR
in linux/drivers/block/*.[ch], and add equivalent code/entries
for the new MAJORs.

Recompile and reboot. Presto.

(I wrote most of this stuff)

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