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SubjectRe: Linux Tuning.

Why don't we do this:

1. Add a kernel config section called "Kernel Tuning" nicely grouped into
categories (with a huge "Misc" one) and very detailed "Help" section
explaining each parameter, contraints, dependencies on other parameters
etc. (dependencies shouldn't be automatic because it will probably never
work and only confuse normal humans).

2. The above will just provide initial defaults. But if people start
playing with them (filling in values in make xconfig is more attractive to
some compared to knowing all the kernel sources by heart and editing
appropriate files), they will start understanding what is what and know
where and what they should echo > /proc/sys/* even at runtime.

3. Those without any clues will just accept all the defaults and feel no

Of course, this approach can easily produce kernels which won't even boot
but I always wanted a new errno=ETOUGHINIT defined anyway... ;)

Just my 0.02 GBP worth.


PS. I had this idea when I noticed that precious 256 bytes are wasted for
modprobe path and wanted to make it tunable...

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