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SubjectNFSv3 client: new version of 'mount' utility, and discussion of plans


Mount utility

Please would all people involved in the beta-testing (yup: it's no
longer alpha) of the NFSv3 client note that a new version of the
'mount' utility has been put up in

The new version will automatically select NFSv3 if the server
advertises it on the portmapper. Please note that this means that the
NFSv3 'mount' utility will probably break in the following cases:

- You are running on an NFSv2-only kernel against an NFSv3 server
without having specified 'nfsvers=2'.

- You are running against a linux knfsd server and have forgotten
the '--no-nfs-version 3' flag. (not really sure if this is a

Please report any other problems to me if you find them.

Future plans:

The NFSv3 client development is for all intents and purposes
considered to be 'finished' for the moment (I have had no further
complaints about the stability). Bugreports are, of course, welcome.

I intend to start pestering Linus about including NFSv3 into 2.3 as
soon as he announces the start of development. I will NOT support any
form of lobbying to break the 2.2 code freeze, but I will continue to
maintain diffs against stock linux-2.2 since I use it for my own
purposes. People who need linux-2.2 with NFSv3 are welcome to find it
under my www area.

The only major development I foresee in the near future is nfsroot
support for mounting NFSv3 partitions, and possibly support for
'readdirplus' (the code is more or less finished, but I need time to
think through caching implications).

Of course, if I get any new impulses for clever ideas which Linux
lacks, but 'all other NFS clients' implement. I may still reconsider
the 'feature freeze'.


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