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Subject[CFT] FAT patch v12 (beta)

VFAT passes the whole Gordon's testsuite (except #2.3 which is
marked as "must fail in anything after 2.1.74").
fat_get_entry() usage cleaned up (with visible speedup).
fat_readdirx() mostly rewritten. Handles invalid entires more
gracefully, closed most of buffer overruns (yup, let the automounter pick
a diskette with right kind of invalid stuff in a directory, say ls and you
got a controllable stack smashing. In ring 0. Happy, happy, joy, joy...).

Fix the rest of fat_readdirx() problems.
real UMSDOS cleanup.

Folks, please help to test it. It's still likely to have bugs, so treat it
with caution. UMSDOS works with this version (OK, seems to be working),
but it's essentially the same version as in vanilla 2.2.6.

Patch (against 2.2.6) lives on

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