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SubjectRe: smbfs problem with 2.2.5
On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Markus Fischer wrote:

> This thread (like all the others about smbfs/samba before)
> looks like dead now. It's not. Just workaround made us
> fall asleep ! Using the df --sync ist quit a good fix,
> but it's more than dirty..
> I really hope that this issue gets fixed :(

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, I wrote:

> I'll leave something open when I go home tonight and see if it happens
> again. It never happens during my normal, daily use, which includes the
> occacional mount of somthing from the SP1 machine.

I'll follow up on my own post. I could not make the problem happen, does
anyone have a way of repeating the problem? For me it was just this one
time ...

It sounds like it happens more often for you? Have you tried Michael H.
Warfield's advice and enabled SMBFS_DEBUG in smbmount.c ?
(from the samba distribution, 2.0.3 being the latest.)


Urban Widmark
Svenska Test AB +46 90 71 71 23

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