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SubjectRe: ALPHA PC164UX -- NCR-Problem
On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Nils Bokermann wrote:
>But I DO have problems upgrading kernel to 2.2.5. The system boots up, but the
>SCSI-Driver says CACHE INCORECTLY CONFIGURED -- is that a problem in kernel
>or in my system-configuration?? If system-configuration, would someone please help

Plain 2.2.5 or -ac?
Plain kernel 2.2.5 works fine for me; 2.2.6 works fine if I do not build the
filesystems as modules. With the -ac patches I get similar errors, both
for the NCR and for an Adaptec 2940UW.

(164UX, egcs-1.1.1, Rawhide 1.3.x)

MfG, Ulrich

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