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SubjectRe: 10 hour delay on linux-kernel(was SCSI error: hardware, software, or firmware?))
On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Adam Heath wrote:

> The guy who sent this is my coworker, and I was watching for the email on the
> list. He told me when he sent it. It didn't arrive until 10 hours later. I
> highly doubt this is optimal.
> I wonder what kind of hardware this list is run on. Is it a 386-class(yes, I
> know it is a sparc of some kind)? does a HUGE amount of
> traffic, and there is never more than a minute of turn-arounnd. It is a
> p133/64m, with ide disks.
> Adam (how can we keep our record of low-digit hours in fixing bugs if the list
> software has such slow turn-around?)

It is probably not a hardware issue as much as it is an MTA issue. They
are probably running sendmail and might have a large (relatively) number
of subscribers with intermittant connectivity with dedicated IP domains
without a permanently connected MX host. This probably results in the mail
queue backing up as each of the offline sites' emails must time out before
the next is processed.

I might suggest that vger change to exim.

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