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SubjectRe: Limit of 6 IDE interfaces?
On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Gregory Maxwell wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Apr 1999, George Bonser wrote:
> [4x4 ides]
> > One limit is likely going to be available IRQ's in the system.
> Not really.. Each controler will only take one..

Right. But the information given in the original post did not specify what
additional devices were in the system. It is easy to run out with a PC.

> say 14/15 for onboard
> 5 7 9 10 for promises
> 11 for nic
> Not to mention IOAPIC or sharing ints.

True. My concern was that he wanted to use the on-board interfaces in
addition to the PCI cards. I thought at the time that there might possibly
be a problem with some buggy motherboard controllers not being able to
share an IRQ. This, coupled with the fact that other devices might have
eaten up the rest of them made me think that a consideration might be the
number of IRQ's available. I have sinse learned that this may not be as
much of a concern but I am not convinced that it can be simply dismissed
in all cases.

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