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SubjectRe: Linux Tuning
> Just add two counters, one to count the number of times the queue was filled 
> to maximum, and one to count the total number of packets dropped because the
> queue was full. Then make them available as a read only value somewhere
> in the proc/sys/net area.

That requires another (reliable!) user-level process running at all times
for the feedback to make it to the admin, or for the admin to take
manual action (looking at some counters after reading a HOWTO).

In contrast, counters and a printk always informs the admin, at the
cost of a couple of lines of code in the kernel.

BTW, there is a counter of dropped packets now, netdev_rx_dropped.
I'm not sure where it comes out... the RX-DRP field of netstat -i?
someplace in proc?

Is there philosophy in the curent kernel about printks of this type?

-- g

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