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SubjectRe: Linux Tuning
George Bonser <> writes:

> On 18 Apr 1999, Timothy Writer wrote:
> > Is anyone on this list a member of the linux-perf list? I just joined it
> > recently but there's not much traffic. Perhaps we should take this
> > discussion there.
> Sounds good. Do you have a URL or other subscription info?

As I said, there's been very little (no?) traffic since I joined but perhaps
we can stir it up a bit.

> > We're also very interested in sar and other performance monitoring tools.
> THere was mention here on the kernel list in the past few weeks. I don't
> think I still have the address for the mailing list that was set up but
> this is also a high priority for us. I have some things written in tcl
> that I had started working on including a web based "control-panel" where
> you could watch the performance of various servers. I will crank up
> development on that again in the next couple of weeks.

Sounds good. We'd really like to jump start the sar effort if possible
because of the large number of scripts and such that already work with sar.

> > Have you considered contacting the LDP? The contact for HOWTOs is
> > but I think a Performance-HOWTO is a little
> > limited, at least for what I have in mind. I'm not sure who to contact for
> > larger projects, anyone know?
> Hmm. A howto is a good idea but the problem with them is they tend to go
> stale quickly. We would need someone to "bird-dog" the thing and make sure
> that it is kept up to date with different sections for different kernel
> versions.

We might be willing to do that. One of my partners has contacted someone at
the LDP and we're waiting for a response.

> > > This company is not a system or software vendor, they are a consulting
> > > company and solutions provider. Something like this fits them well. They
> >
> > Same here.
> Great. There are several others that are also offering resources, two
> sites with websites, at least one other mailing list.

Do you have URLs etc.?

> My goal is to
> somehow tie together all of the resources so that there is a single place
> to go for all the information.

That's our goal too.

> I am also interested in benchmarking things
> on a set of reference systems. I want to get exact numbers on different
> hardware, different tweaks and the results on these different hardware
> configurations, etc. For example, how much of a performance delta is there
> REALLY between two different SCSI controllers or drives. Does a particular
> tweak have a larger impact with certain hardware configurations. The goal
> is to get this documented and keep it up to date as new hardware and
> software becomes available.

We're interested in this kind of work too.

tim writer <> starnix inc.
tollfree: 1-87-pro-linux brampton, ontario, canada professional linux services & products

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