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SubjectRE: Wierd IDE configuration
    From: BROWN Nick <>

There is a mail in Linux Gazette #39 from a user with a similar problem -
his hdc drive, formerly hda and partitioned with <inferior OS>, is no longer
handled correctly by fdisk now that it's hdc. This strikes me as (dare I
say it) not far removed from a bug.

Possibly. It is well documented what the reasons are.
It is well documented how to avoid having problems.
(For example, boot with hdc=c,h,s, or give fdisk an explicit geometry.)
You will have the same problems moving a disk from one SCSI controller
to another.

As a start to clearing this up, I propose the attached code fragment.

The fragment is a functional replacement for the current code, but using INT
13h calls, so it (a) works around a bug in at least one BIOS (mine !)
whereby the INT 41h vector isn't pointing to the right disk's info, and (b)
can be readily expanded to handle any number of drives, provided only that
some space in INITSEG can be negotiated.

Yes. If you look at the examples given at the end of the getbiosdrivedata.c
program I mentioned, you'll see both systems where your patch works and
systems where it doesnt work.
The patch given there does what you propose and a bit more.
[Could you mail me the output of that program for your machine?]

And as mentioned - there is not necessarily a BIOS bug here.

Andries -

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