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SubjectRe: sync problem in 2.2.5
Hi again,

Could it actually be something related to QUOTAS???

I will now try turning quotas off for a while and see.


On Mon, 19 April 1999, Eric W. Biederman wrote:

> >>>>> "AC" == Andre Couture <> writes:
> AC> Hi all,
> AC> Since 2.2.? I have been having a lot of problem using the sync command.
> AC> It "hang" my system and sometimes just the window from which I'm running
> AC> the command "sync".
> AC> It is very consistant (works fine 1 out of 4).
> AC> The major difference is that I rencently installed vmware which runs
> AC> with nice -19
> AC> But I don't see how could that affect the sync command except for the
> AC> fac that it is very "io consuming".
> Besides the fact that the vmware module just creates a hole in
> the kernel security that vmware can climb in, and do whatever it pleases?
> I have heard of other instances of vmware cause clock ticks to be missed.
> I admit vmware rubs me the the wrong way. But unless you can reproduce
> this without vmware, running it's probably not a kernel bug.
> Eric

Andre Couture
PCDOCS/Fulcrum S.A. - Europe

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