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SubjectRe: Timing on your Dual Pentium II
Michael Mess wrote:
> Hi!
> I saw that you have a Dual Pentium II machine, too.
> Could you please try out, how long a
> sleep 10
> lasts? On my machine it lasts 55 seconds. Strange, isn't it?

I've tried this on two Dual P2 machines I own (with different
motherboards and CPUs) and could not reproduce it. One was running 2.2.5
and the other 2.2.6, sleep 10 took exactly 10 seconds (timed by an wall
clock), however I have a time synchronization daemon installed and

It sounds like you may have some clock drift problems. Install ntpd from and try it again. It should correct any
timer drift you have on your machine. Also ensure that you have RTC
support in your kernel compiled in.


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