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SubjectRe: Limit of 6 IDE interfaces?
> Original poster : me.
> Let me ask the question again, as clearly as possible, since it seems
> everyone has either ignored the question completely, or completely
> misunderstood it, and given answers completely unrelated to the original
> question.
Don't know but you could try changing MAX_HWIFS in include/asm/ide.h to a
bigger value from 6 to 8. then in driver/block/ide.c make some changes
like to ide_hwif_to_major and copy more entries for stuff like
do_ide[0-7]_request etc. I'd think that it should work.
> One can easily put 3 Promise Ultra33 PCI cards in a PC. Combined with
> onboard controller (say, VIA VP3 or Intel 440BX), this would give you 8
> ide channels. That means : 2 channels on the motherboard, and 6 channels
> on PCI cards (2 channels per Promise Ultra33 card).
I don't have the cards so I can't test that out.
> What is preventing the use of all 8 channels? (Besides the missing major
> device numbers)
MAX_HWIFS for starters, maybe there are other limitations that I don't
know about. But yes you have to assign new major numbers to those new
devices and then run mknod as needed to create the entries in your /dev .
Good Luck.

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