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SubjectRe: K6-2, Stepping 12, MTRR in 2.2.6
> I try that, but it keeps telling me permission denied.  I've even tried
> touch and vi, and it won't let me create the file (this is as root, of
> course). I guess I could try the ac tree, but I really prefer to stick
> with 'official' releases--it makes upgrading much easier (e.g., manual
> patch correcting is not my forte).

The /proc/mtrr file is not there if there is no support for AMD chips,
thus even as root you can not modify the /proc filesystem like that since
it is special :) The 2.2.6ac tree is maintained by Mr. Cox <grin> and he
will hopefully patch any bugs people find right away - it's almost as
stable as linus' tree and sometimes more.

Point being, if you can download and compile a regular 2.2.6 tar and
gzipped kernel tree you should be fine with 2.2.6ac1. You don't have to
patch against the 2.2.6 tree if you don't like patches. This is currently
the only way to get mtrr for your AMD until Linus approves and releases
the AMD mtrr code in his own tree.

If you need anymore help, we can continue this off the mailing list as I
don't think we need to "Cc:" anymore! Just
send me a private email, or whomever else is offering to help. I always
feel guilty taking up bandwith without any code attached :)


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* Physics Unix Admin *
* Wesleyan University *
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