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SubjectRe: Linux Tuning

> "For one thing, there's a useful lesson
> here for Linux resellers and integrators.
> Linux tuning information is hard to gather up.
> Yes, it's there. But it really requires
> an expert Linux user to find it."
> So, to the Linux community:
> Do you think is there a need to make the
> gathering of Linux fine-tuning tips an easier
> task for the novice end-user?
> If the answer is "Yes!", then, how best would the approach be?
> I am interested in your opinion. As I do not know if this L-K list is the place
> to do such discussion (if not, please forgive me), but I do think it's time for
> at least such discussion to take place, here or elsewhere, and a concensus be
> had (if that's possible, of course.)
> *Note* The "fine-tuning" IMHO can be either Hardware or Software, or the
> combination of both.
> Respectfully,
> Pete


I think this would be very important. I have already started putting some
resources into place to give a project like this a home. I can have a few
machines up and running by the end of the week with dedicated
connectivity. (upgrading a currently unused fractional T-1 to a full T-1).

These resources are actually being provided by my employer in order to
provide a home for activity such as this. Areas of interest here are both
kernel and application tuning, samba and apache in particular, along with
network tuning. Also, performance monitoring projects such as the project
to a Linux sar working, any other performance monitoring and benchmarking
projects along with any tools/projects having to do with remote monitoring
and administration.

They are prepared to make a rather large commitment including bandwidth,
systems, admin support for the systems, and economic assistance to
developers who wish to devote more time to their project but can not
because of financial pressures.

I have already contacted SPI for advice in how to distribute resources to
projects and have contacted some vendors for their ideas on how we could
help. I have not gotten any response yet but it has only been a day or so.

This company is not a system or software vendor, they are a consulting
company and solutions provider. Something like this fits them well. They
would not mind being a resource for software developers, hardware vendors
and system integrators since they see it as an investment in the
marketplace itself. Anything to make Linux better and more widely accepted
would be a good thing for them.

Please keep me informed of what you come up with and feel free to stay in
contact with me. I hope to have something up on the web before the end of
next week.

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