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    SubjectRe: scheduling policy of bottom halfs, task_queues and timers?
    In article <199904152101.RAA19761@dcl>, tytso@MIT.EDU writes
    > Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 21:05:45 +0100
    > From: Roger Gammans <>
    > There is another irq to signal the end of the wait time, but obviously
    > with isr's or bh's being schedulable a wait_for_irq() is out of the
    > question. I presume other drivers have solved this problem.. it seems
    > rather nasty though to do it a chain of ISRs.
    >You don't need to schedule a wait_for_irq().

    >The trick is that you have to change how you think about the thread of
    >control. If you know you're going to get a second interrupt at the end
    >of the wait period, you can simply return from the first interrupt.

    Actually my context is a bit more complex, but not a lot.
    The trick I needed was to realise that the current context of the driver
    could include a function pointer, so we can do a callback on to higher
    level driver from the stub driver.

    Roger Gammans

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