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SubjectRe: smbfs problem with 2.2.5
Mike Frisch wrote:
> Alan Chapman wrote:
> > I see this behaviour also. I was having this happen with samba 1.9.18p?,
> > and I initially thought that it may be related to the version of samba
> Are you seeing correct filedates on the smbfs mounted filesystem? I am
> running Samba 2.0.3 with 2.2.5-ac6 and the filedates are totally bogus
> on the mounted filesystem.

I was seeing the correct filedates, so far as I can remember, but I'll
check at the weekend when I can set this combination up again (kernel
2.2.5, libc5, samba 2.0.3, winNT4sp3 [I've not dared install SP4 as it
is a Compaq Laptop, and I don't really fancy doing a complete re-install
with all the special Comcrap patches, if things were to go wrong]).

I do know however, that there is no problem with the setup here - kernel
2.0.33, libc5, samba 2.0.3, winNTSP[34].


| Alan Chapman, |
| IS Support, Motorola, SoCDT (UK) |

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