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SubjectRe: capabilities in elf headers, (my) final (and shortest) iteration
Riley Williams writes the following:
> > ...and works only for some types of files (how about a webserver
> > written in Perl?).
>That's up to the PERL interpreter to handle, not the kernel. After
>all, the kernel ignores s[gu]id on scripts already, and the only
>reason s[gu]id works on PERL scripts is because the PERL interpreter
>handles the relevant capabilities if it sees the s[gu]id flag set on
>the script it's running.

Just where do you think the perl interpreter is going to look to decide what
capabilities to enable? suidperl just stats the script and looks at the
setuid bits to decide what to do. If the capability bits are not in the fs,
where will suidcapperl find them? There ain't no ELF header in a script.

Not that I really care one way or the other about capabilities, just
wondering if anyone has really thought this through before posting "it's up
to the interpreter"

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