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    SubjectRe: PROBLEM: MO mounting not working w/ 2.2.3+
    Alan Cox wrote:
    >> >In this case it threw up another problem for me though. You also changed
    >> >the ext2 code for those devices between 2.2.0 and 2.2.5, right?
    >No. The ext2fs code and the fs code haven't changed. The complete changes
    >made where

    I did some more testing (everything under 2.2.5):

    * created a primary partition (full size) with fdisk -b 2048 /dev/sdc
    (fdisk 2.9i - fdisk 2.9g created a buggy one)
    * formatted the partition with mke2fs -b 2048 -m 0 -L test /dev/sdc1
    (mke2fs 1.14)
    * mounted the partition (as user, with mount 2.9i)
    * copied my quake2 dir to it
    * umounted it
    * rebooted
    * ran "e2fsck -B 2048 -f -n /dev/sdc1 >/tmp/01" (write-protected disk,
    e2fsck 1.14). /tmp/01 is 315194 bytes. Tons of errors

    Please don't tell me this is a feature.



    Drive A: not responding...Formatting C: instead

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