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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: MO mounting not working w/ 2.2.3+
> * formatted the partition with mke2fs -b 2048 -m 0 -L test /dev/sdc1
> (mke2fs 1.14)
> * mounted the partition (as user, with mount 2.9i)
> * copied my quake2 dir to it
> * umounted it
> * rebooted
> * ran "e2fsck -B 2048 -f -n /dev/sdc1 >/tmp/01" (write-protected disk,
> e2fsck 1.14). /tmp/01 is 315194 bytes. Tons of errors
> Please don't tell me this is a feature.

I got curious enough about what you were seeing to format a disk, unpack
a kernel tree on it, compile the entire tree on the M/O disk and then unmount
and fsck it.


(Fujtisu M2513. 640Mb disk) on an Adaptec 1542B.

The only problems I know about and can reproduce is that some vendor (Ive not
figured who) seems to ship a scsi aware "eject" binary that uses scsi generic
to issue eject commands but doesnt flush the caches.

But since you aren't I assume using eject..


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