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SubjectRe: softupdates and ext2
Hi Stephen,

> I'm currently working on proper journaling (ie. no fsck required at all
> after unexpected reboot) for ext2.
Thats good news to hear, but actually i talked with Ralf Baechle at the
Cebit this year and he mentioned, that you are working on journaling ext2.

My question to you is: Is it possible to get some more information about
your design of the journaling layer of the ext2 filesystem ? In the last weeks
i read a lot of papers about Sprite LFS/the BSD LFS implementation and about
other filesystem designs (ie WAFL or episode fs)
Unfortunately i found no detailed description of how journaling is added to
a "normal" file system. (ie how VxFS works or something like that)
Even Uresh Vahalia's book is not very detailed in this case.

If there is any work or testing to do, feel free to contact me.


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