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    SubjectRe: Sound error: Couldn't allocate DMA buffer
    > > > > Apr  9 13:11:29 odin kernel: Sound error: Couldn't allocate DMA buffer 
    > > > > Apr 9 13:12:00 odin last message repeated 48 times
    > > > > Apr 9 13:13:01 odin last message repeated 121 times
    > > > You are out of big physically contigious blobs of memory under 16MBs for
    > > > DMA buffers. You can put in dmabuf=1 as an option to sound.o or set a
    > > > config param at compile time if you dont use modules.
    > >
    > > *but*, does this solution apply to kernel 2.0.36? i see it in the docs
    > > for 2.2, but not 2.0, and when i try adding
    > No... For 2.0.36, just load your sounddriver with modprobe at boot time
    > (dont autoload it) and it will allocate the dmabuffers then. The reason
    > that dmabuf=1 is needed for 2.2 is because 2.2 sound drivers allocate
    > dmabuffers as needed insted of at module load by default.

    hm, that's the odd thing, then - because i *am* modprobing the sound
    driver at boot time, and i haven't unloaded it before these problems
    start! which makes it seem like i have 2.2 behaviour with a 2.0 module,
    only the dmabuf commandline option isn't available. ;)

    hm, might the awedrv patch have something to do with it? or perhaps i
    should try just doing away with the module altogether and compile sound
    support directly into the kernel? could that make a difference somehow?

    i apologise if this thread has gone on long enough. i'd like to move up
    to 2.2 anyway, but as i said before have had some problems. perhaps i'll
    outline these in another post in hopes that some kind soul will take pity
    on me and guide me towards some solutions... (first i'll try the latest ac
    patch though)


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