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SubjectRe: [PFC]: hash instrumentation
On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

>>but this also means that you should be *very* careful where you put your
>>"touch_buffer(bh)" because you don't want that in a performance path like
>>find_buffer(). leaving touch_buffer() in bread() and brw_page() might be
>Hmm, yes probably this is a good idea, I'll think about that tomorrow.

I think to have fixed the lru-list-mkyoung performance problem in
find_buffer/find_page (and looking at the ext2 code the only place where
we must touch a buffer is getblk and not get_hashtable or find_buffer!). I
am releasing a new 2.2.5_arca10.bz2 that should perform better under
no-VM-kernel intensive operation (like a kernel compile), but will be
_equally_ good (or better!) in preserving the working set under heavy
swap. With the latest changes I did today _here_ again responsiveness
under swap is _impressive_ and I suggest _everybody_ to try it out.

Thanks to Chuck for the good hints.

Andrea Arcangeli

PS. with the help of some no-i386 guy this last arca-patch should compile
also on sparc and alpha (and maybe other archs).

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