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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Capabilities, this time in elf section
    On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, Daniel Taylor wrote:

    > Least astonishment in this case would mean that the binary has the
    > capabilities available to its EUID. In the case of a SUID binary
    > the EUID is the UID of the owner of the binary.

    No, that's the _old_ school, where root can do anything and normal users
    can do nothing (without the help of setuid binaries). Albert was
    absolutely correct on this; in a capabilities-based system, uid and
    capabilites are orthogonal. At login you may have caps raised depending
    on 'getty' and 'login', but there is no _permanent_ mapping of
    capabilities to uid that the kernel is aware of. (unlike the current
    notion of setuid root)

    > This is the reason for SUID binaries.

    We're changing the notion of 'setuid root' for a capability-enhanced
    definition. In a capabilities-based system, the old meaning of setuid
    root doesn't apply; so we now use it in a nicely compatible way.

    > Non-SUID binaries get their EUID from the UID of the user
    > running the binary. So they can only have capabilities that
    > are available to that user.

    That will still be true! If I run a non-SUID binary, but I _do_ have some
    caps raised, the kernel will still check the 'permitted' cap set from the
    headers and 'AND' it with our current caps.

    > If a binary requires a capability to run to do its job
    > then it either needs to be run by a user that has that
    > capability or it needs to be SUID to a user that does.

    No, the uid only supplies rights in the file system as currently; i.e., if
    the process runs 'setuid jschmoe', it has the ability to muck about with
    files owned by 'jschmoe'. If jschmoe has the capability for setting
    capabilities (and some others), he can create 'setuid jschmoe' binaries
    with caps that are a subset of the caps he _currently_ holds.

    > SUID binaries should _still_ be rare, but since they
    > will not all be SUID-root the potential security
    > risk will be reduced.


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    David L. Parsley
    Network Specialist
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