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SubjectRe: NCR5380 stuff (and Oops)
On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, Olivier Tharan wrote:

> Le 31 mars 1999, Alan Cox écrivait :
> > Ok how does this look. I think this correctly interprets the 2,0 drivers
> > intention unlike 2.2 which as you pointed out got the one case of
> Apart from the obvious typo, it correctly detects the SCSI card (and the
> scanner attached to it), but still the driver is subject to Oopses. Here

Strange. It did hang badly for me - sometimes - _only_ when I tried to use
interrupts (that do not occur).

In polling mode it did not oops at all! - while I installed Debian
base system from CD or ran multiple throughput tests - all over dtc3181e
(no other scsi controllers or ide disks present).

It may depend on scanners behaviour :(

Another note about dtc3181e card - throughput with "native" Win NT drivers
was even worse than I achieved under Linux.

That means, give up all hopes to use it for something besides scanner :-/
or as "_very_ poor man"'s scsi controller.

> Olivier Tharan, <>

Ivan Popov <>
Systemman, Driftavdelningen, Matematiska institutionen, Chalmers

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