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SubjectRe: GNU/Linux
Alex Buell wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, Richard Stallman wrote:
> > This whole thread was begun by a message of the same kind: someone
> > criticized what he thought were my reasons for using the term
> > GNU/Linux. His criticism of those reasons was valid, but they weren't
> > my actual reasons. If people would ask questions first, and shoot
> > later, this discussion would be a lot shorter.
> As some people have already said, this is a LINUX _KERNEL_ mailing list,
> and has nothing to do with your GNU/FSF organisation and/or software.
> Kindly remove yourself from this list if you are going to persist in your
> advocacy and do it elsewhere, i.e on slashdot, or newsgroups/mailing lists
> more appropriate for you. And don't bring guns into it - your country is
> causing a lot of problems for the rest of the world right now and I'm
> sorry to see that the UK got dragged into it (Fuck you, Tony Blair).

Well now, thats just brilliant! You tell everyone to keep
on-topic in this list and what do you do right afterwards? You
make a snide, belligerent remark about somebody elses country,
that really belongs in "" or wherever.
Do the rest of us a favor, Alex, before you open your mouth, make
sure that *YOU* are not offtopic.

> I'm tired of seeing this topic come up time and time again. This detracts
> from what used to be a high quality mailing list (and yes, I know I am
> guilty of putting noise on the list in the past)

You're guilty of adding noise in the present as well.

> Cheers,
> Alex
> --
> /\_/\ Legalise cannabis now!
> ( o.o ) Grow some cannabis today!
> > ^ < Peace, Love, Unity and Respect to all.

Now look back and read what you wrote and tell me where the
'Respect' is, Alex.

Look what you made me do. You got me mad enough to respond in
the list and thus adding even more noise to an already poor S/N

Ed C.

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