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SubjectRe: Linux/IA-64 byte order

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
> If so, you are now just
> making a rule based upon preference. Instead, you should make a
> rule based upon performance (like network communication).

There are no performance issues:
- it's trivial to do the appropriate byte order changes, and does not
imply any noticeable performance impact.
- neither LE nor BE has any "strong" preference. BE is usual in some
areas (IP stacks etc), LE is usual in others (anything that has
anything to do with PC's). It evens out.

Right now LE is certainly dominant, at least in part because MS decreed it
so (so even architectures that used to be BE now tend to have support for
bi-endianness). I'd prefer to reinforce that rather than fight it.


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