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SubjectRe: Linux/IA-64 byte order
I tried doing it on the ppc for a while (native LE devices running LE and
BE devices running BE). It was a nightmare that I quickly fled from.

The overhead of checking the mode we just came from was killing us. I
couldn't find a clean way of doing that. The drain in time writing that
code certainly wasn't worth the effort.

}Mixing endianness on the fly is certainly possible, but stupid unless
}you have some REALLY good reason for it. And quite frankly, there are

You'd argue that running LE on machines with mostly LE devices isn't a
good technical reason? Even if the overhead of swapping (an instruction
for it) isn't too large it certainly would make things cleaner.

}NEVER any good technical reasons for considering one endianness over
}another (it's a completely arbitrary thing).

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