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    Subject2.2.2 Bug? RPC: sendmsg returned error 101
    Symptom: Under kernel 2.2.2 when shutting down networking in runlevel 6 
    the shutdown process gets stuck repeating "RPC: sendmsg returned error 101"

    Umounting or not umounting nfs filesystems before this point seem to make no
    difference, nor does it seem to matter if these filesystems have been
    mounted with nolock or not.

    If the mounts are hard the shutdown doesn't get further without some
    slight violence. If the mounts are soft the servers will reboot, but
    will not for some reason umount local filesystems nor stop the
    RAID devices. Not to graceful.

    We have two pairs of boxes running 2.2.2. The pair that is affected differs
    from the unaffected pair in that they have SMP and MD enabled (with
    define MAX_MD_DEV 6). The problem is invariably reproduced on both the
    affected boxes.

    The systems are RedHat 5.2, with apropriate upgrades. The nfs stuff is

    I think the bug is real. I'm not certain where it lives. I have temporarily
    solved the problem for us by patching net/sunrpc/xprt.c but this is deep
    water for me. I hack perl, but as long as the kernel is not rewritten in that
    eminent language I rather keep my hands away... :-) I would appriciate a
    more trustworthy fix, or a bless of my fix by someone more trustworty in
    these matters than I... :-)

    *** xprt.c Wed Jan 20 22:44:53 1999
    --- ../../../linux-2.2.2-jan/net/sunrpc/xprt.c Mon Mar 8 10:58:36 1999
    *** 222,223 ****
    --- 222,225 ----
    switch (result) {
    + case -ENETUNREACH:
    + break;


    /Jan Sevelin
    Dpt of Media, Communication & Journalism, University of Kalmar

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