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SubjectRe: Parition Slices ( waqs Re: OFFTOPIC: New MBR and partitioning standard? )
Dave, Adam ...

> now if we change 2nd partition to dos-extended parition,
> then they would become:
> hda2a,hda2b,hda2c,hda2d

I agree this would be a nice naming scheme; it might however get a bit messy
when these subpartitions/slices can themselves be subpartioned. hda2a4b5c?
:-) Probably not much of an argument against tho...

As for the other problem you mentioned, partition renaming between kernel
versions, after having been made aware of the problem through comments on an
MINIX subpartition support patch I posted a few weeks ago, I posted another
patch that tried to minimize this by dealing with partitions types in a
strict order. Didn't receive any further comments on it though. :-(

I saw you received a reply referring you to Richard Gooch's devfs, which I
am yet unfamiliar with, but unless I'm mistaken that referral only applies
to the naming scheme, and not to the original topic of adopting a completely
new partitioning scheme. Geting Linux partitions out of the (braindead,
AFAIC) DOS style primary and extended partitions seems to have more merits.

Taking up one (or more) DOS style primary partitions, and slicing it up
through something modelled after, for example, BSD disklabels, would IMHO be
a nice approach.

By the way, I am completely ignorant of any platform besides the x86, but
devhd.c seems to imply that DOS style partitions are also supported on the
other platforms? Does Linux on these platforms actually live in these
partitions, or do they allready use something a little more sane?

Kind regards,
Rene Herman

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