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SubjectRe: Advantages of zImage vs. bzImage for 2.2.x kernel?
On 30 Mar 1999, Christophe Broult wrote:

> I do not know why but I cannot boot with a bzImage on my computer.

LILO version too old? I have LILO version 20 and it boots bzImage

The original questions was what are the advantages of bzImage over
zImage. The main advantage, I guess, is that in a bzImage the kernel
is compressed with bzip, which can compress things tighter than gzip
(zImage). The size of the image is limited and thus you can boot a
bigger kernel using bzImage. There seem to be no speed differences,
not at least any that I can notice. It takes about a second or two
for the kernel to decompress on my P233MMX and after that it doesn't
matter which image type you use.

-=[ Count Zero / TBH - Jussi Hämäläinen - email ]=-

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