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    Subjectsoftupdates and ext2

    The *BSD have a feature called "softupdates" which seems to be the
    following: writes to a ufs filesystem are not synced on a sector basis
    but according to the filesystem structure, which means that between two
    physical updates, the filesystem is always coherent.

    I made some benchs and it seems rather fast (about 5 to 10% slower than
    the async mount, which is what Linux does).

    Here is my problem: we have here several Linux PC in hostile environment
    (students) and they are often uncleanly rebooted. The Sun Solaris
    stations nearly always recover automatically, but the Linux stations
    often require a manual root intervention. This upsets our sysadmin.

    So.. is there any plan/patch for integrating some softupdate feature to
    ext2 under Linux ? Or is there something I utterly missed ?

    --Thomas Pornin

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